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Booking Manchester Chauffeur Service
Booking Manchester Chauffeur Service

Coronavirus & Public Transport


Public Transport vs Chauffeur Service

Public transport vs. Chauffeur – 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in the UK and the rest of the world due to the pandemic called COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2) or Coronavirus. The outbreak started in Wuhan in China and spread around the world with record breaking speed mainly through foreign air travel.
March 23rd 2020 marked the day when the UK went into lockdown and the public was told not to leave their homes unless it was for buying food, shopping, exercise once per day, medical needs and travelling for work when absolutely necessary. All shops  selling non essential goods, or businesses providing non essential services such as hair and beauty, restaurants pubs and everything in hospitality as well as all foreign travel came to a grinding halt.

As the year of 2020 has progressed we have seen many restrictions to meeting friends and family, how we behave in a daily lives with social distancing, hygienic procedures by having to wear face coverings and regular sanitising of hands and common touch areas. Another reason why Public transport vs Chauffeurs is so important. 

For many people whether you travelled for business or pleasure the regular of way of travelling has come to a grinding halt or we are now having to adapt our travelling habits.  This new way of life which seemed only to be here for a short period of time initially has dragged into 2021 with no immediate light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

We have noticed a shift in how people are travelling; no longer are they happy using a public train service to get to a business meeting or using a regular taxi service. The Chauffeur industry has taken a major hit due to the pandemic as could be expected. Lack of Air Travel, no major business events taking place, corporate hospitality non existent and with the constant stop start of the hospitality industry restaurants etc no entertaining.

A Chauffeur Service has always been the most secure and safe way to travel but at a premium compared to other public transport. Now more than ever many are turning to our industry for supporting their travel arrangements.  From the initial service offering of how your service is booked and individual personalisation of your journey , how the service is delivered, cleanliness of vehicles and chauffeurs, to completion of delivering you to your final destination.

Preparation of your chauffeur vehicle

  • Vehicles are valeted interior and exterior prior to every journey
  • Commonly touched interior points are sanitised
  • Vehicle is aired out before and after every journey
  • Less passengers travelling in the vehicle each day
  • Face coverings and hand sanitiser supplied

Your chauffeur driver

  • Wearing a FFP2 grade facemask not just a cloth face covering
  • Keep a safe distance from you
  • Use hand sanitiser before after handling any of your belongings

Whether you require a short or long distance journey with a chauffeur company you are assured of the highest standards. Using public transport is not risk free coming into contact with many other people and due to the high flow of people moving through cleaning and hygiene is often not as regular.

As we move forward in 2021 it is more important than ever to keep ourselves and those around as safe as possible. Whether it is  business or personal travel requirements you are searching on Google or Bing please make sure you use a chauffeur service for safe secure, COVID-19 free transport. Our Luxury Covid secure Chauffeur Service is available in Manchester, Cheshire, Saddleworth and High Peak.  

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